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Ravenhill Park Outdoor Fitness Gym

Encouraging healthy lifestyles changes by providing free outdoor exercise equipment for use in a beautiful setting. Fighting back against obesity and heart disease. Perfect for all levels of fitness

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The Ravenhill Park Gym Project would include a small range of robust outdoor gym items, Rower, Sky Stepper, Squat Push, Chin Up Bars, Arm & Pedal Bike and a Slalom Skier all designed to give a complete Cardio-Vascular workout and improve muscle tone at levels to suit all. Ravenhill Park joggers and young adults have frequently asked about the possibility of installing outdoor gym equipment that they can use during their visits. The free health benefits this simple project will provide to all community members are so numerous we can only touch on the major points. Free healthy outdoor exercise, help to reduce obesity and heart disease, increase self-confidence and the chance to permanently change their attitude toward exercise for the future. Parents can sit on a bench while their children play or they can get on a bike or walker, burn off calories, improve fitness and inspire their kiddies to a better lifestyle through example.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Free Outdoor Gym equipment in beautiful setting
  • Improved use of a well loved community facility
  • More people taking excercise and enjoying the experience

Why it’s a great idea:

Free access to healthy activities with no impact on family budgets, giving busy parents and carers the chance to enjoy exercise while their children play in the park. This is especially useful for those who use the park as a stop off point on their way home from picking up children from schools. Reduce antisocial behaviour and vandalism by having a greater presence of adults in the park. Give older teenagers a point to expend their energy through a competitive and healthy outlet. More people visiting a popular and well equipped site will have some level of impact on the local cafes and shops through potentially increased sales. The a level of appeal that the project will generate among many will encourage community members to stay local for such activities and help to reduce the carbon footprint they create by travelling to other venues for activities. Community pride will be raised considerably and more volunteering opportunities will become available.

Steps to get it done:

  • To start the installation process.
  • To see the potential outcome taking shape
  • To see our community using the facility to its full potential
  • Hearing from community how the project has made a difference to their lifestyle
  • Seeing a difference in the health & mental attitude toward exercise of our community.
  • To see the park being used by more of the 25+ age group in our community for sport & recreation.