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On Saturday 14th August 2021, we had a wonderful talk on El Salvador by Kevin. Kevin informed us on the geographical location of El Salvador within Central America – sandwiched between Honduras and Guatemala, that they have a national bird (Torogoz), tree (Maquilishuat, Tabebuia rosea or commonly known as Apamate or Rosy Trumpert Tree), and plant with beautiful white flowers (Izote). 

We were also treated to a performance of the national anthem, and a demonstration of the national dance which often features ‘un toro’ (a bull) dancing among the dancing ladies who wear flamboyant and vibrant dresses.

Kevin explained that El Salvador is a similar size to Wales in land mass, however the population is over double ours, and that you can cross the country from gorgeous hills to beautiful beaches in 3 hours. The horizon is also speckled with ancient Mayan ruins, beautiful lakes and volcanoes – it has over 20 volcanoes, some of which are still active.

 We discussed that the main industries are coffee and sugar refinement, and that El Salvadorian coffee is some of the best in the world. 

We were fortunate that Kevin came supported by friends and family who also brought some delicacies for us to try – among which were: Tamales, Panes con pollo, Pastelitos, and Quesdilla (in El Salvador this is a sweet sponge often eaten with coffee, unlike Mexican Quesdillas (stuffed and cooked tortillas)).

It was a colourful talk filled with laughter and intrigued. We also got to see a performance by the City of Sanctuary singing group, who cover songs from across the world. 

As always we had the usual activities: Find the country, select the flag, & a short quiz

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Kevin, his friends and family, and all who attended the talk. As well as City of Sanctuary’s choir for performing for us, and Councillors Wendy Lewis and Elliot King for supporting our efforts.


City of Sanctuary were kind enough to present some of our Friends and Councillors with copies of a new book called ‘Second Home’, which shares the experiences of three people seeking safety in Swansea.

It’s a fascinating read and highly recommended to gain a greater understanding of the hurdles and difficulties often incurred during the periods of adjustment for so many people seeking asylum in our country.

To find out more please visit Hafan Books: New Releases – hafanbooks

or purchase directly here: SECOND HOME (